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The Milford Addition is a 550 sq. ft. addition housing a new main bedroom, walk in closet, ensuite bathroom and reading room. The challenges faced during the design phase were that of site and existing built conditions. The placement of an existing septic system limited our options to place the addition on the existing building. The only viable place was to build out of a mudroom on the North side of the building.


In order to soften the experience of walking from a utilitarian mudroom into a master bedroom we created a threshold space that houses a nook to read. This allowed us to introduce the aspect of comfort in the progression to the bedroom. From the reading nook 4 low rise steps lead around a corner to the bedroom. The change in elevation and turn of a corner conceals the bed from the reading room for privacy and the steps, along with a change in ceiling height, further emphasizes the change of program. A door leading to a covered porch is positioned in front of the steps so outdoor access is available without entering the bedroom, but still in close proximity to it.


The bedroom space is placed furthest from the existing building to best access natural light, which was a challenge building on the North side of a 30’ tall existing building. The wall opposite of the bed is a custom built bench to frame the 8’ expanse of windows that face the vast view of open fields. The bench runs to the length of the wall and becomes the stand for a wood burning fireplace, with open storage below. Detailed above the bed is a hidden linear cove length running the length of the room to provide a soft ambient light in the space. 

The architectural volumes reflect the function of the spaces they house. The threshold volume tucks underneath the existing eave to avoid disturbing the roof of the existing building and the bedroom volume hugs the threshold volume and extrudes to the North. 

LOCATION: Milford, Ontario

PROJECT SIZE: 550 sq.ft

STATUS: Completed in 2020

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